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KEA MatchMaker:


Do you want online access to a secret list of properties not available anywhere else?


Do you want a no pressure approach to testing the market without leaving a digital footprint or for anyone to identify your property?


Are you not quite ready for photos but you want to build interest while you are completing some finishing touches to get your property ready for marketing?


If this sounds familiar, then KEA MatchMaker is for you.

KEA MatchMaker clients have exclusive online access to a secret property search which is behind a secure log in within our website. This displays a number of properties from people who are in a similar situation to you. Properties are not identifiable from the secret property listing, but you will have access to information such as;


The road the property is in


The price


The property type


Number of bedrooms, reception rooms, and bathrooms


Room measurements and descriptions


Key property features


You have the ability to register your interest in any MatchMaker property, and when the owner is ready to take the next step you will be contacted to see if you would like to progress your interest.

Building up a list of interested parties before setting your property on the open market gives you the best possibility of achieving a higher sale price.

KEA MatchMaker provides a no pressure approach with no obligation and no up front costs. You only pay if you move house and you leave no digital footprint of your property online - only an exclusive list of KEA clients have access to the secret property search.

When you want to get your property 'market ready', we will take the photos and complete your narrated video so you are ready to go live at a click of a button. This means you can market at a time which suits you, pressure-free. The longer your property is available in the secret property search, the more interest it can attract so it can be launched with competing buyers.

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Preview the secret property search -
view our video below:

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Q: Why can't I just put my property on the market when I have found a suitable property.

A: By the time your property is ready to put on the market your dream property may have already attracted another buyer in a further advanced position than yourself.

Q: After you have created the marketing material, photos, narrated video and we decide that we don’t want to move, how much do I have to pay

A: There is nothing to pay, you only pay our fee if you actually sell your property.

Q: What happens if I find a potentially suitable property within the matchmaker list, what do I do?

A: You simply register your interest and we try and help that owner find their dream home which puts them in a position to offer their property to you.

Q: What if I find a suitable property on the open market.

A: Let us know and within 5 minutes we will launch your property on the open market to enable you to get a buyer in the quickest time possible, so you can secure your dream home. We would also contact any potential buyers that have registered their interest during your time on KEA MatchMaker.

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